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_ 11.5.99 | in memory of Colin Rowe . . .   

A work of art lives according to the laws of the mind. ---Colin Rowe

It might be said that Colin Rowe himself, whose essays are works of art, lived according to the same laws of the mind. The visual and the mental provided the double-framework for Colin's special deep view of architecture. How profoundly and uniquely he reminded us and will continue to remind us through his enduring writings of the ennobling truth that "Architecture rests on intellectual as well as material foundations." Has any figure of the twentieth century---or of any century for that matter---contributed more beautifully and substantially to the serious literature of architecture? Is anyone's writings on the art of building more significant, incisive, transforming, inexhaustibly edifying, and reassuring? George Bernard Shaw wrote: "Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable." And perhaps no less we may say similarly that without Colin Rowe, without the writings that flowed from his incandescent visual intelligence, the crudeness of reality would indeed make architecture unbearable. Thank you, Colin.


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